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Bioethanol is also produced from starch-based feedstock either via dry or wet milling, typically using corn in the CEE region. One by-product from bioethanol production is dried distiller’s grain with soluble (DDGS), which has proven to be a valuable feed commodity for animal husbandry. Particularly, DDGS replaces expensive protein feed at a competitive price for farmers, which has hitherto led to a rapidly increasing market for DDGS.

Envien Magyarország, as a company active in trade of DDGS, pays close attention to the quality of our products. A distinct advantage of our product is its pellet form, allowing it to be easily stored, shipped and used to feed animals. DDGS is produced in compliance with GMP+B2 and HACCP requirements, registered as feed material with the Agriculture Central Control and Testing Institute (UKSUP) and is GMO free.

ParametersAdmissible Values
Dry matter in wt % min. min. 86,0
NL crude proteins (N x 6.25) in wt % *) min. 30
Fiber in wt % *) min. 7
Tuk v % hmot. *) min. 8
Insoluble ash in HCL in & wt % *) max. 2,2
ME in unit/kg min. 12,0

*) data are calculated for 100% dry matter

ME – metabolizable energy

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