Rapeseed meal is a by-product of biodiesel production. The crushing of rapeseed produces rapeseed oil that can be sold to the food market and/or sold to the biofuel market where it is converted into biodiesel. The meal remaining after the oil has been extracted is sold mainly to the livestock industry as feedstuff. The expansion of the biofuels industry has resulted in a significant increase in volume of rapeseed meal.

Rapeseed meal represents a safe, natural, and high-quality feed source for the livestock industry. It stimulates digestion and contains a balanced ratio of nutrients for the animals.

The rapeseed meal offered by Envien Magyarország is produced according to GMP+B2 and HACCP good manufacturing practice and is in compliance with Hungarian and EU legislative requirements.

ParametersAdmissible Values 
Dry matter in wt % min. 87
Moisture content in wt %

max. 13

NL crude proteins (N x 6.25) in wt % min. 33
Crude fiber in wt % min. 10
Fat in wt % max. 3
Ash / sand in wt max. 8,7
Glucosinolate content in non-fat dry matter µmol/g< max. 20 (µmol/g)
Botanical purity in wt % max. 95
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